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The unique, premiere Deaf Sensitivity Training Class I Never Gave THAT A Thought! that was being given at SCOPE’s headquarters in Smithtown, Suffolk County, Long Island, NY on TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 5, 2019 at 8:00 am has a change of venue. It is a 4-hour, highly intensive class being brought back to the east coast. The Deaf sensitivity class on Long Island is followed a 1-hour module on TBI/ABI (Traumatic Brain Injury/Acquired Brain Injury) entitled Oops–Did I Forget THAT Again?

Other online LIVE, INTERACTIVE webinar versions of the training are available for groups and individual registration. You’ll find online dates on this website as they are announced. They are historically presented once a month.

Participants in the Deaf sensitivity training will learn about the needs of those who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing! (DHH). Participants who complete the class leave with improved communication skills and a better, fuller understanding of one of the more common struggles that society endures: deafness. The understanding of the needs of individuals who are DHH is something that is too often ignored and misunderstood.  The results are that this population is left vulnerable to life-threatening situations and possible abuse of being left behind in society. People who lack auditory and vocal acuity deserve to be understood just like anyone else does. Those of you who are in public safety such as hospitals, urgent care centers, law enforcement, fire/medical and other services whose charge is to protect, often have the most need to enhance and improve the services you provide to this population. Also encouraged to attend are court personnel, EMT squads, mass transit administrators, city, village and county personnel, etc.

This specific class on February 5, 2019 is administrated by SCOPE, an education organization based in Smithtown, Suffolk County, Long Island, NY, and is being held at the West Babylon Union Free School District’s high school.

If you are employed by a school district, Fire/Medical, Police or Sheriff or other law enforcement agency, you can reserve seats online by going to or call our office on Long Island at 631 228-7393 from Suffolk County or 516 799-2274 from Nassau County. Seats are limited, so please register today as there are only few days left to make reservations. Class materials will be distributed on site. Late registrants may need to have the material sent via email in pdf format. Upon arrival, you’ll be given a pair of earplugs to join us as we dive into the pool of silence.

The fee for per person for both the Deaf and TBI/ABI sensitivity classes $150 for non-members of SCOPE and $120 for members.

On location/on-site classes like the one on February 5, 2019 may be available for groups and individual registration, depending on availability. You’ll find online LIVE webinar dates and other classes listed on this website as they are announced. They are historically presented every 6 weeks.

Blindness separates people from things.

Deafness separates people from people.

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