Deaf Sensitivity Training provides education and insight on the topic of understanding the needs of a person who is Deaf or Hard of Hearing (DHH). Deaf Sensitivity Training will provide a person with a firm understanding of what it means to interact with a person who is deaf without having a profound knowledge of the technological or physical linguistic adaptions that are present.  Deaf Sensitivity Training will provide insight on how to become a better communicator with a wider margin of people; primarily those who are DHH.

Deaf Sensitivity Training is offered in an instructor-led setting with solutions offered both in the classroom and over the web.

Instructor-led Training

Classroom Based Training

Classroom based training is offered thru our open enrollment classes and exclusive private courses.  Our open enrollment courses are organized in regions across the nation in which many of those whom are in the community are invited to attend. Focuses upon law enforcement, fire and medical services long with business and residents in the area are made apart of our open enrollment classes.

To offer groups and organizations a more private setting, Deaf Sensitivity Training is also offered as a private course. We’ll work with you to organize a training event for you and your organization at a your facility or one close by.

Web Based Training

Web based training is the Deaf Sensitivity Training program offered thru a web-based presentation and training toolset. This program is offered thru our open enrollment webinars and exclusive online events. These training presentations match the same pace and quality as other components of our training program; however the program is offered online rather than in person.

Negotiable Training Solutions

Deaf Sensitivity Training is a program that can adapt your needs. Whether web assessment tools or large-scale training processes is what you need, give us a call to discuss building a training program that suites your organizations needs. Ensuring that educational excellence is provided thru our premium training program is apart of our goal to make a positive impact.

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