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Tylin Promotions’ Deaf Sensitivity Training Announce the Launch of VideoPhone Service

We’re happy to have initiated the installation of a Deaf video system in the Maricopa (City) Public Library, a branch of the Pinal County Library System, in Arizona. This enables people who are deaf or hard of hearing and who use ASL (American Sign Language) as their primary means of communication, to make phone calls to others who use ASL and have similar equipment. They can even communicate with people who can hear. Applications for iPads, tablets, computers and smart phones enable this population to use the service while mobile.

The VP, as it’s commonly referred to, is our “gift” via Sorenson VRS, the leading operator of communication systems for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. The Grand Opening of the service takes place on Monday, August 20, 2018, at 9:00 the library’s location on Smith-Enke Rd (Rt 238) in Maricopa, AZ.

The equipment and service, calls included, are free in all aspects to the City, the County and all users, nor does one have to be a library patron or a resident to use it.

Join the festivities at 9:00am. Invite a friend or family member who is Deaf or hard of hearing. Among invited guests and presenters and the host are: Erik Surber, Library Manager, Maricopa Library, host; Christian Price, Mayor, City of Maricopa: Cindy Price, Mayor’s wife; Tom O’Halleran, Congressman, District 1-Arizona; Blanca Varela, District Director, U. S. Congress; Fred Greenspan, President of Tylin Promotions; William Prentice, (placing the first call); Amber Kent, Library Manager and Deanna Davis, Librarian, Casa Grande public Library; Mark Lamb, Sheriff, Pinal County; Glen Swavely, Captain, Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS); Kent Volkmer, Pinal County Attorney; Jill Brousard, Pinal County Superintendent of Schools; Steve Frazier, Chief Information Officer, Pinal County Information Technology; John Ramey, Regional Manager, Sorenson Communications-Providers of the VP service among several others.

Witness the first official call to our nation’s capitol, Washington, DC, by William Prentice, Maricopa resident, is Deaf. The City’s Mayor, Christian Price and his wife Cindy, who signs, will use the service,. Fred Greenspan, President of Tylin Promotions and developer of the deaf sensitivity training class, I Never Gave THAT A Thought will coordinate the event.

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