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Is your staff trained in deaf sensitivity issues?

Deaf Sensitivity is a realm of special training centered around understanding the needs of those who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing. (DHH) It is VITAL to learn if you are to work with the Deaf & Hard of Hearing community. It is NOT just the language and communication barrier that is involved.

What is Deaf Sensitivity?

Deaf Sensitivity is learning about the inner motivation, wants, fears and overall understanding of the unique needs of people who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing. (DHH)

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We travel across the country providing open enrollment (on-site) and private classes to locations across the US. Also offered are periodic live, interactive scheduled online webinars.

Deaf Sensitivity Training

Our Deaf Sensitivity Training class, I Never Gave THAT A Thought! is a 4-hour course that will provide insight on the needs of the people who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing.

William Prentice

William Prentice

Deaf Specialist/Training

Wilz was born deaf, and as such, is the perfect addition to our crew. Wilz brings to the classroom real life experiences and how they affect a person who is Deaf. He travels with the training nationwide & assists with our LIVE webinars. Wilz also recently began to speak to elementary & high school students about what life in the Deaf world is like. Our mission is to prepare the "little ones" to understand the setbacks, and the H.S. students to accept those who are DHH without teasing or mocking fun at them.

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