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Deaf Sensitivity Training provides education and insight on the topic of understanding the needs of a person who is Deaf or Hard of Hearing (DHH). This 4-hour class provides a person with a firm understanding of what it means to interact with a person who is Deaf without having a profound knowledge of the technological or physical linguistic adaptations that are present.  You will learn how to become a better communicator with a wider margin of people, primarily those who are DHH.

We offer I Never Gave THAT A Thought!  in an instructor-led setting with solutions offered both in the classroom and over the web.

Instructor-led Training

Classroom Based Training

Classroom based training is offered through our open enrollment classes as well as our exclusive private sessions.  The open enrollment courses are organized in regions across the nation in which many of those who are in the community are invited to attend. We have many target audiences. However in general, we focus on law enforcement, fire and medical services along with business, municipalities and government.

To offer groups and organizations a more private setting, Deaf Sensitivity Training is also offered as a private course. We’ll work with you to organize a training event for you and your organization at a your facility or one close by.

Web Based Training

Web based training of the Deaf Sensitivity Training program is offered through a web-based presentation and training toolset. This program is offered in our open enrollment webinars as well as exclusive, exclusive online sessions. These presentations match the same pace and quality as other components of our training program; however the program is offered online rather than in person. It is live and interactive.

Negotiable Training Solutions

Deaf Sensitivity Training is a program that can be customized to your needs. If our web assessment tools or large-scale training processes is what you need, give us a call to discuss building a  program that suites your organization’s requirements. Ensuring that educational excellence is provided through our premium training program is a part of our goal to make a positive impact on everyone who attends the class and society as a whole.

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Special thanks to Hon. Jonathan Rothschild, Mayor of the City of Tucson, AZ for spearheading the launch of this training program. Support and advice about content was freely given by Ian Cameron, Mesa, AZ; Deputy Amaury Mergado, Retired, Osceolsa County Sheriff’s Office, FL; Marc Garcia, Mesa CVB, AZ; George Flowers network radio, NY City, NY and Stephen Lebow, Esquire, FL. Many professionals that assisted are too numerous to mention, and are from Gallaudet University, Washington, D.C., and commissions and departments for the Deaf and hard of hearing and vocational rehabilitation offices from several states. Everyone was extremely helpful with the “kick off” the first training class in Tucson, AZ. There are so many more wonderful people who encouraged the development of this way overdue program and contributed to its growth and expansion nationwide. Thanks also to the many police and fire-medical agencies, airports and departments of justice across America for your participation and positive comments. In many states, classes are approved for law enforcement credit by the appropriate agencies throughout the United States.